Cast Resin Transformers

Cast Resin Transformers with optional OLTC up to 33kv class and 3mva

High reliability and efficiency

Electrolytic grade copper conductors and copper foils formed as compact coils,void-free cast in epoxy resin using steel moulds in a vacuum casting,ensuring a very low level partial discharge.coils are assembled on high permeability,low loss CRGO silicon cores of cruciform construction and mitred joints,reducing losses and noise emission.

Epoxy casting is carried out using world -class technology , equipment and materials. Static mixing and  thin film degassing technology ,  which this the most advanced presently is being adopted.

Environment Safety

 The insulation consists of an environment friendly mixture of epoxy and filler, supported by  the compact size the transformer can be installed very near to the load, regardless of residential building is involved or an industrial plant.

High short circuit strength

The epoxy resign cast coils possess very high electrical and mechanical strength,They are assembled in a very robust manner enabling to withstand higher electro-mechanical forces occuring during short circuit as well as other external impacts

Maintenance free

The cast epoxy resin coils have enhanced dielectric strength,lower rate of deterioration of dielectric properties due to humidity and ageing effects. Moreover it protects the windings from dust impurities and corrosive atmosphere.Hence the resin cast transformers are practically maintenance free